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Professor Vladimir Bračič, Ph.D. was born in 1919 in Cirkulane. He went to the elementary school in his home town and the grammar school in Ptuj. In 1935 he inscribed in the Teachers’ Training College in Maribor, where he successfully finished two classes. Because of the supposed ideological threatening that was connected with his cousin Bojan Ilich, he had to move from Maribor to Ljubljana. He ended the Teachers’ Training College in Ljubljana in 1940 and got his first job in town Polom in Suha Krajina, where he in 1941 awaited the occupation. He joined the Partisans, but was betrayed and interned into Italy and the Island of Rab. He returned to Slovenia after a year and went to Primorska, where he was once again a Partisan and became among others also the commissar of the Kosovel brigade.

After the war he returned to Maribor from where the Ministry of Education sent him to different places in East Slovenia, Primorska and even Albania. In 1952 he graduated at the University of Ljubljana as a geographer and he got a job at the grammar school in Ptuj. After that he went into politics and came back to Maribor in 1960, where he first worked as the head of Local People’s Committee Maribor and then got a job at the first college in Maribor. Here he started with his ascent on the scale of the colleges in Maribor to the very top of the University, whose project he led himself. In 1975 he became the first rector of the University of Maribor and retired in 1979 after the first mandate. He died in 1996 in Maribor.

Vladimir Bračič extremely loved to come back to his birth place Cirkulane. Already as a student he participated in different events. He was a Sokol (member of the Sokol – Hawk Movement) and an actor, a mountaineer and a musician. As a patriot in the best meaning of the word he later on wrote articles on the history of Cirkulane and prepared other different historical texts for the anniversaries of the Cirkulane School and the cultural society. When he was in politics, a lot of Haloze schoolchildren and students got scholarships because of his intervention. He was also a speaker on numerous events. In 1986 the locals awarded him with the title of honorary member of Cirkulane. In May 2009, on the 90th anniversary of his death, a bust was set in front of the school and an exhibition about his life and work was prepared. A scientific and professional meeting was organised, where his former colleagues, students and the locals presented the importance of his work
This article has the purpose to highlight some episodes from the life and work of professor Bračič and to present some less known points of view on him as a man, who takes the credits for the development of his birthplace Haloze.

Prevod: Mateja Škofjanec
Prašnički, Martin: Prof. dr. Vladimir Bračič – žlahtni trs haloških goric. V: Časopis za zgodovino in narodopisje, letn. 80=45 (2009), št. 4, str. 9-37






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